Plowing for Pizza

We're giving away a total of $500,000 across 20 towns in need of plowing assistance. Because cold roads shouldn't get in the way of hot pizza.

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Bird's-eye view of two snowplows branded with Domino's 'Plowing for Pizza' tagline, moving across a road that has been cleard of snow.


Nomination Period ends 1/21/24 or when all available Funds have been claimed. Must be 13+ years of age to make a nomination; eligible minors should have parental consent to participate. Limit one (1) nomination per person, per email address. Void where prohibited by law. For full details, see Terms:

You must ask for this offer while available. Offer is available only at participating stores. Prices, delivery area, and charges may vary by store. Delivery orders are subject to each local store's delivery charge. 2-item minimum. Bone-in Wings, Bread Bowl Pasta, and Handmade Pan Pizza will cost extra. In addition, your local store may charge extra for some menu items available with this offer and some crust types, toppings, and sauces. Visit to see your local store's online menu and the checkout page when placing an online order for order-specific pricing.

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  • The Plowing for Pizza program is a community-based partnership between Domino’s and 20 towns across the country. Domino’s is making a $25,000 grant to go toward each town's snow removal/plowing budget because we believe that cold roads shouldn't happen to hot pizza.

  • To nominate, users can visit where they can submit a zip code and their email address. Limit one zip code nomination per person/email address for the duration of the nomination period.

  • We are accepting nominations from 12/4/23-1/21/24.

  • Throughout the submission period, the nomination data will be reviewed on a daily basis. The criteria to be considered include: clusters or groups of nominated zip codes within a region or city that could benefit from the funding, the interest of the city officials, and the presence of a Domino’s store in the metropolitan statistical area (MSA).

  • No, a town can only be awarded one (1) grant of $25,000.

  • We will be updating the list of towns we are partnering with throughout the program on Towns that are selected are welcome to make their own announcement, and we encourage them to do so on their social channels and through local media.

  • Unfortunately no, but hopefully helping clear the roads for your nominated town this winter will be its own reward, but if you haven’t claimed your emergency pizza, please visit to learn how to claim.

  • We evaluated historical snow removal/plowing budgets from various towns across the country and determined that $25,000 would make a meaningful impact.

  • Yes. We saw how much Paving for Pizza meant to people when we partnered with towns in all 50 states to repair potholes so that people could have a smoother drive home with carryout pizzas on board. So now, we're taking it even further. Plowing for Pizza is the sequel, in which Domino's is looking to partner with towns across the country in need of snow removal or plowing assistance, so that we can help our customers get out to warm up with hot pizza, even in snowy weather.

  • We will not be taking back the grant once it has been made. However, only towns that can benefit from the grant will be selected for the Plowing for Pizza program. Additionally, the grant funds are required to be used for snow removal efforts only.

  • Yes, as a condition of the partnership agreement between Domino’s and the selected town, the town does need to provide Domino’s with a written explanation of how the funds will be used. Selected towns are also asked to film or photograph the snow removal process and provide that content to Domino’s for use on the campaign landing page, and possibly on social media.