The American Pizzeria

The pizzeria gave birth to more than just delicious Italian meals. Pizza became a worldwide phenomenon after Italian immigrants brought the delicious slices to the United States. Although the pizzeria is an establishment with its proud roots in Italy, it's also an American success story. At Domino's, where baking mouthwatering pizza is both an art and a science, we believe the pizzeria is an essential part of American history.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the pizzeria simply as "an establishment where pizzas are made or sold." At a fundamental level, then, a pizzeria doesn't even need to have an oven. However, in our imaginations, a pizzeria must have not just an oven, but also these essential ingredients:

  • a loyal clientele,
  • a thriving delivery business,
  • a staff full of promising and talented people,
  • a full menu bursting with flavor and tradition,
  • a simple, honest dining spot
  • and a little bit of magic.

Movie buffs would say we just summed up the 1988 Julia Roberts classic Mystic Pizza . We would agree, but we feel like that definition also describes your neighborhood Domino's Pizza restaurant . We are deeply proud of the thousands of people of all ages who wear the red, white and blue Domino's logo, literally serving their communities and learning Domino's core values:

  • Putting People First
  • Demanding Integrity
  • Striving for Customer Loyalty
  • Delivering with Smart Hustle & Positive Energy
  • Winning by Improving Results Every Day

These values are a reflection of the principles that motivated Domino's founders Tom and James Monaghan to buy the first Domino's in a small college town in Michigan back in 1960. That restaurant cost the Monaghans a $75 down payment, and they subsequently closed the transaction with a $900 loan.

From those modest beginnings,Domino's now operates over 9,000 stores in more than 70 countries. Domino's is the worldwide leader in pizza delivery . Every day, more than a million people enjoy Domino's Pizza products on every inhabited continent on Earth.

Our core values and Midwestern work ethic are part of everything we do. Making hungry people happy is what makes us successful. When people think of American pizza, they think of Domino's. That's why we'd like to think of our restaurants as truly American pizzerias. We hope you do too.