Domino's Philly Cheese Steak

Enjoy a Domino's Philly Cheese Steak

Domino's Oven Baked Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a good Philly Cheese Steak? Here at Domino's, we take great pride in our delicious oven-baked sandwiches. At Domino's, we have a Philly that can satisfy any craving. Whether you want the sandwich or something that tastes similar but in pizza form, we've got you covered. Both Philly's are made with only the finest ingredients and strictly encompass what a true Philly Cheese Steak should be.

A True Taste of Philly

Each sandwich has beautifully sliced portions of steak that are placed onto our Artisan Bread. Then, we add layers upon layers of traditional Philly Cheese Steak vegetables including fresh onions, green peppers, and of course, mushrooms. Once the steak slices and vegetables have been placed, it's time to add the cheeses. At Domino's, we use both provolone and American cheese on our Philly. Then, we bake our Philly Cheese Steak until it's golden brown. Once the sandwich is ready to come out of the oven, the Domino's crew packs up the freshly made oven-baked sandwich in one of our sturdy, corrugated boxes so that when your Philly arrives, it's hot and delicious.

Make A Meal Out Of It

Although our oven-baked sandwiches are very filling, you're going to want to add chips and a drink to make your meal complete. Have a sweet tooth? You can't go wrong with our Cinna Stix® or Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake! With our desserts, you're sure to go back for seconds.

All of the Domino's Pizza menu items are made to order and made with care. We can't wait to deliver a Philly Cheese Steak to you! Find your nearest Domino's now and order online!